Langans Brasserie

In time for the re-opening of the most iconic restaurant in the world, Richard Young, master celebrity photographer, announces his latest book: Langan’s, documenting his years as uniquely trusted insider and friend to the stars who frequented the world-famous Mayfair brasserie.

Full of the glamour and gossip of the time, the book tells a visual story of the global celebrities from the world of film, art, fashion, music and sport - the good, the bad and the beautiful - who dined at this most remarkable restaurant and made it their playground for over three decades.

With an introduction from the original founders, Richard Shepherd and Michael Caine, along with the story of how the inimitable Peter Langan, the original rogue, rose and (repeatedly) fell within its walls, Richard Young’s candid photographer’s eye captures the unguarded moments – both elegant and decadent, often both, but always fun - of those years.


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