Louise Bobbe: Behind Closed Doors

September 1, 2015
September 30, 2015

The Richard Young Gallery is delighted to present a new body of work by accomplished photographer Louise Bobbe.

Louise Bobbe’s images evoke a sense of voyeurism and curiosity while her photographic style implies a hidden narrative. Strong emphasis is placed on the anonymity of the sitter - her bold feminine images are glimpses of intimate moments ‘behind closed doors’. The exhibition will comprise of mostly large-scale photographs in both colour and black and white.

Louise comments: 

“I never work in a studio. I work within a living environment to which both myself and my subjects can respond. I begin with a small amount of planning, but with the freedom for the image to unfold within the scene that I’ve set.”

I work alone with a handheld camera, using available light. It’s a very intimate time with no-one else present. It’s a way for the sitter to feel a freedom to experiment, at which point something unique can be revealed.

I keep the subject anonymous, the question open. At which moment have you got a glimpse into this scene? Are you just an observer, or are you part of the story?”

Bobbe has previously exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and her Portrait Commissions include such notable figures as Vivienne Westwood, Anish Kapoor and Fiona Rae. Her work is included in distinguished international private collections. 

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